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Our team works with Developers to identify, develop and market technological products, by providing all the necessary infra-strucutre, App and API technologies, and expertise on creating scalable offers.

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Developers Programme

How it works


Register your idea with us, and wait for an email from our support team.

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The approval process is relatively straight forward and will take no longer than 2-4 weeks.

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Once your project is approved, you will immediately be granted increased credits.

Expert help

An Expert from our team will be assigned to your project to help you along your journey.

HoxWi Developers Programme was created to HELP High Potential Developers
bringing their ideas to LIFE.

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If your application is successful, your MVP will be built using the latest technologies available in the HoxWi platform, providing you a great starting point and great leverage to develop your project.

If yo have any questions, feel free to contact developers@hoxwi.com